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Basic Search

Using 2try4 is easy and like performing a search at any other search site; Type your search term in the search box and press the enter key or click 'Go'.

The result pages will load across four screens, click the grey bar at the top of each page to expand the screen.

Other things 2 t r y 4?

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Types of Search Engine

There are three major types of search engine

Directory A human manually inputs data to an online public directory, such as the Open Directory. A typical directory listing may contain your entire site description, an editors review or can depend on data you submit in a short site description. Changing information on your pages has no effect on your directory listing information.

Crawler Search Engines

Crawler search engines like, Yahoo, Google, etc used automated techniques to "crawl" or "spider" the web, then search through a sites URL links. Search engines use technology called spiders/crawlers, they find changes in documents displayed/hidden content, links and document location to index information.

"Hybrid Search Engines" Or Mixed Results

Newer hybrid techniques display both types of result. A hybrid search engine will use automated methods to rank one type of listings over another.














What's 2try4 Search

2try4 the quickest and most efficient web search and comparison platform ... 

It’s simple for beginners allowing complex, managed and multiple searches. 2try4 is NOT a search engine, it's developed to provide multi search, offer a filtering search interface, provide an easy method to attach to several centers of research at the same or different url's. It enables users to research, deep search results, as well as perform fast vertical and search groups. In addition there is a suit of very tools to assist users.

A simple search at 2try4 will directly access several major search resources offering you primary information, also increasing the chances of finding information in research by up to 1000%. A typical example is the term "cyber space" may return information on space missions? not web cyberspace.

2try4 is a WYSIWYG Webware enabling the user to create and manage search information directly across various search engines, as further explained later in this document, 2try4 uses our Network Neutrality thin client Telexnet.org Gateway technology to organise search results very quickly and clearly showing a larger variety of results split across four screens.

Over 32000 hours of RnD to create an easy to use powerful platform.

There are three main versions each using the same search principle;

2try4.com for Deep Web Search

2ty4 Deep search provides rich content. The Deep Web is believed to be 500 times bigger than the internet today, although google index 1.4 billion pages, the internet grows daily its estimated that around 700 billion pages are not yet indexed.

Also as the monopoly on information grows, key product and service providers gaining top spots in non-advertise search results are taking most traffic from views to clicks. However valuable the information, closer related or relevant to the topic, it can be lost deep in the results.

Elements of the deep or invisible web also include:

  • non-searchable databases,
  • unconventional documentation,
  • un-indexed information.
  • obsolete meta tag information


2try4.net for Research

2try4.net provides enhanced techniques to research the web and access to the project's richest features for research. For best results access is restricted to users with Internet Explorer 5+. The platform provides a versatile management system, which can perform selected search and comparison searches.



2y4.net for PDA

2y4.net offer the PDA the ability to perform multi-search, multi-browser any site and the unique ability to load more than one url to the screen.

More about Search

See more about search engines. Searchenginewatch.com

See more about deepweb search. SEARCH for DEEP WEB

See more about meta search. META SEARCH





What is this? This is the support section for 2try4 and TeleXNet.org internet services. 

A new type of Internet service, basically a group of on-line user solutions. The smart gateways offer a *Telexnet Web organizer for research, It loads directly from our site enabling use without a need to install, however you must have Javascript, Cookies enabled and using IE 5.0+. Telexnet.org Organizes your web content environment quickly allowing you to manage 50+ searches, career, auctions and other web services. Also a range of other services and plug-ins such as email; when using the Telexnet Gateway you are able transfer.







Basic features list 2try4

These sections are under construction, we are preparing new content to help you to better understand how to use of the system.

2TRY4 v1.2
Windows I.E. / Netscape
New / I.E / Netscape
PDA and basic browsers


1. Type a search in box 

 2. Press "Enter" Key or click

 3. Use the bars at the top of each screen to expand search

 4. Click the ? for more HELP and .. for FAVORITES

5. Put mouse over ? (top left of screen). The pull down menu that appears enables more search types and the email login will forward your search information (Login registered members only).

      Stretch screen view
  Return research results

Remove Search**


1. Type a search in box 

 2. Press "Enter" Key or click "Go"

3. Use search types:


Return search result

Remove Screen

Use Ctrl+F to find across document.

1. Type a search in box 

 2. Press "Enter" on keyboard or click "GO"

3. Use search types:





Web organizer - Telexnet.org


Maximize your time and the strength of your research just by using our site to search or manage web content, Submitting URL Data. Easy to use and fast to adapt, Telexnet.org reduces hours wasted in multiple searches and the slow mechanical arm of the PC software and browser. MORE>>> DEMO>>>

*FREE research organizer, Trial Version Only, with 1 hour timeout. This may change, as per our Terms and Conditions.


Created by www.telexnet.co.uk . Administered by Support-Team@telexnet.org




Coming Soon ... www.telexnet.co.uk/


How Much? User registration costs £3 per month or £33 per year, however all corporate buyers (i.e. Companies) must purchase a business support pack with 5 user license's, costs from for basic £59 upwards. The free registered user unlocks the basic system for 60 minute.

How to Pay? The registration and support fee's can be charged to your mobile (UK ONLY) or we accept an annual payment using the PayPal system. MORE>>>

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.


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BEFORE USING THIS SITE: READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS, or Print and read from here: http://www.telexnet.co.uk/help/TC1.htm, we hope you enjoy using the site and look forward to your comments and suggestions. Kindest Regards, Development_Team@Telexnet.org.


System Requirements:

Active components enabled: Javascript, Cookies

Software: IE 5.0+, 6.0, Netscape 8.0

System Hardware: Pentium III (PC/Server) - 64mb Ram – Free Space Disk Space (2 MB)